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Dive With Great White Sharks

Dive With Great White Sharks

Diving with sharks is a thrilling adventure that brings you face to face to with some of the most fearsome yet misunderstood predators on earth. There is nowhere better in the world to get your shark fix than Gaansbaai, also known as the Great White Shark Capital of the World.

In this otherwise unassuming bay there are two islands, Dyer Island and Geyser Rock. Between the two lies a thin stretch of ocean called Shark Alley, so named because of the dense concentration of Great White Sharks that swim up and down through the narrow channel. They have good reason to do so – Geyser Rock is a breeding ground for 60 000 Cape Fur Seals and Dyer Island, a protected bird sanctuary, is home to 900 pairs of of African penguins.

During our winter months of May – September, the alley is a hub of bustling activity, as young seal pups take their chances and practice their swimming and hunting skills, while sharks hone their own hunting skills on the pups. You get a real appreciation for the circle of life as you watch a Great White leap right out of the water to ambush a seal; it’s a sight you won’t soon forget.

Shark cage diving is offered by a few select companies whose primary goal, besides giving visitors the thrill their lives, is to inform and educate the public about sharks, dispelling the all too common misconceptions, and thereby contributing to conservation by funneling some of the income generated back into marine wildlife protection projects. We only use ethical operators with an impeccable record of professionalism and safety. They depart from nearby Kleinbaai to save you a lot of travelling time in the boat. Sharks are seen on a very high percentage of trips, but can’t be guaranteed.

Between May and December, you can turn your shark diving experience into a marine game viewing tour, as pods of dolphins and Southern Right Whales visit the Cape Coastline.

It is recommended that you book well in advance and allow a reserve day in case of adverse weather conditions. You will be exposed to the open sea while travelling to and from the islands, so if you are prone to seasickness we suggest you take precautions. No diving experience or scuba certification or equipment is required.